What We Do

We have introduced reiki which is a healing that comes from the surroundings. it moves from the head to the toes . every part

of your body is called the chakras

One Year Training

The current curriculum at the HMGC is a practical one year course which equips young women with the skills needed to provide for themselves and their family; as well as preparing them for furthering their education among other future possibilities.

The main components of the HMGC curriculum include:


Life Skills Training and Literacy:
Cooking, Reading, Writing, English, Kiswahili, Accounts, Leadership

Reproductive Health Training:
Sex education, HIV/AIDS education

Health and Nutrition:
Food and Nutrition, Sports and Yoga

Art of living for social conscience, Inner peace, Meditation, Reiki

Girl Guiding:
As part of the Kenya Girl Guide Association, the students benefit from a life long sisterhood, improved self esteem, and a greater sense of self worth.


Computer Technology:
Computer use, Typing

Income Generating Skills:
Sewing, Knitting, Catering, Hair dressing, Entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship and creating employment:
Elementary principles of business, Financial literacy, Marketing, Customer service essentials


Making solar cookers and briquettes, Alternative sources of energy, Harvesting water, Growing food

For those who have completed the program, successful employment has been found as cashiers, hairdressers, waiters, and with the Girl Guide Association. The Centre tries to keep track of the girls once they complete the program, and graduates occasionally return to the Centre to provide the new participants with inspiration and motivation.