About Us

Hawkers Market Girls Centre (HMGC) is a community based organisation that works in partnership with other organizations to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential by providing them with both vocational and life skills.

To date HMGC has relied on well wishers to  enable girls to receive free food and free eductation.

Our mission is to empower young women to become potential and responsible industrious women of the world. We create opportunity for self development through providing vocational and life skills training in partnership with other organizations. 

The Center is a ‘Learn and Earn’ Centre where each girl is able to learn a skill that gives her an income generating skill which will take her family out of the vicious cycle of poverty.
Each girl enrolled in the program is encouraged to open a savings account in order to promote the culture of saving. At the same time they learn how to fillforms and manage their own accounts.

Our key obligations are to: 

  1. Reach out and train disadvantaged young women, build their self esteem and empower them with knowledge through our capacity building programs
  2. Attach the young women enrolled in the program to mentorship programs
  3. Be a resource center for the young women and the community by ensuring data collection and database systems are in place and are well managed
  4. Teach the young women values and develop their entrepreneurial, social and Life skills
  5. Promote social awareness and understanding of young women in Kenya
  6. Contribute to the development and economic empowerment process of young women in Kenya
  7. Afford opportunities for young women to:
    1. Join other institutions upon graduation from the centre
    1. Be employed and self employed
  8. Influence donors and other institutions nationally and internationally to support the project

We believe that:

  • All young women have a right to sustainable livelihoods and therefore there rights have to be protected
  • Young Women have the potential to change the perceptions the society has about women in general

This helps us to achieve the Millennium Development Goals MDGs


Our values are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork and commitment
  • Learning by Doing

Our principles exemplify our values and convictions on which we base our work:

  • Need for Affirmative action
  • Need to Know, Right to Know
  • Economic Empowerment for self sustainability
  • Help girls discover their potential
  • Holistic development of mind body and soul
  • Food security and environmental awareness
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship- income generating activities.
  • Attach them for further learning in they 2nd year and at the third year they are able to earn a living.